Old Cat?

OOAK doll. I removed her face and gave her/him a new one. He/she needs clothes now. 🙂 I like this one.


OOAK Naked Lady Doll

OOAK means one of a kind.

I picked this weird doll up at an antique store in West Virginia a couple months ago. She was hideous…. so I removed her paint job and repainted her. She looks a lot better.

I was thinking of selling her on my Etsy shop one of these days for about 35 dollars. I have no interest in keeping her as I’m not really into naked dolls.

So even though there is this post, I wont have a lot of naked dolls after this one. So no need to run away. Shrug.


Call it by its name right?

This represents me and my experiences with a church and a preacher. Not very pretty memories. To keep it short, the old creep had been trying for many years to get in my pants. Nothing like joining a church and being baptized and being blindsided all at once. So I have issues with churches and preachers now.

Life is an Adventure 1

I make art journals too. Most of them are just happy and colorful and include a lot of stickers and cut-outs from magazines that make me happy.

Lately, I have wondered about the fact that these art journals contain that exact stuff. Possibly images that may be copyrighted. I’m trying to use up my stash of stickers and magazine pages and be done with them. I have a LOT of art journals so it may be a while before I can share them all on here. No more in 2019. Only my own art.

Apologies if I have used your image from a magazine. I don’t claim that I drew it though.